Tour Booking, Sewa Mobil Malang Batu

Sewa Mobil Malang Batu. Shabby, smelly, crowded houses clustered, every time the mothers talking while looking for fleas. In the middle of flowing brownish river Brantas mixed with garbage. Sometimes fights between citizens occur.

Sewa Mobil Malang Batu

If you are from the headquarters of Arhanud 2 Kostrad headquarters to the Gadang terminal try to cross the bridge and look to the left and right.

Sewa Mobil Malang Batu

Kampung Tridi Malang

Now 180 degrees. On the left side of the bridge to the north of the river there is kampong tridi (3 dimensions) and the southern part of the river there is a colorful village. In the village tridi looks clean, full of 3-dimensional images, hardly any trash scattered, no smelly, smiling friendly homeowners. The tattooed youth who used to be scary, now kindly arranges motorcycle parking.

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So not strange, if you look at social media, many young people who took pictures with a background shark, eagle, rushing river. Well, many photos are taken in this village. Kampung tridi was officially inaugurated on September 4, 2016.

Starting from the task of Public Relations course at the Faculty of the Communication Sciences University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Some UMM students took CSR paint factory

Namely PT. Indiana Paint to provide paint and community associations to work on the project. The village that once was uninhabitable, now crowded tourists come. Not only domestic tourist but also foreign tourists.

The author before writing this article has just delivered tourists from French. The readiness of village Jodipan as a new tourist destination in Malang is seen by the presence of a glass bridge.

This glass bridge connects the trident kampong to the north of the river brantas and the colorful kampong south of the river. Reduced unemployment rates that automatically suppress criminal acts. Communities become accustomed to clean living, because visitors will down the narrow alleys, so the level of health is also increasing.

Kampung Biru

Like the domino effect, the opening of the trident village also opens up welfare opportunities around it. On the west side of the bridge was also the same as the village tridi and colorful village including slums. Now start to clean up, the whole house in the paint is a blue so-called blue village or Arema village.

Sewa Mobil Malang Batu

The success of the tridi village attracted the presence of tourists, should not make the citizens of jodipan and municipal government of Malang complacent. There should be periodic improvements.

In addition to updating the character of the image with newer paint should be the addition of new attractions around. It could be a child game, flying fox or swimming pool.


In the slum village magic, it can not be denied also one of the successes of Malang city administration is actively build a new tourist destination in the city of Malang. New parks are popping up in the city of Malang just call it, Merbabu park, Lion Park, Park fireflies, Ijen Boulevard, Park smart trunojoyo.